Monday, August 2, 2010


 I've always believed in magic.  When I wasn't doing anything in this town, I'd go up every night, sit on Mulholland Drive, look out at the city, stretch out my arms and say, "Everybody wants to work with me.  I'm a really good actor.  I have all kinds of great movie offers."  I'd just repeat these things over and over, literally convincing myself that I had a couple of movies lined up.  I'd drive down that hill ready to take the world on, going, "Movie offers are out there for me, I just don't hear them yet."  It was like total affirmations, antidotes to the stuff that stems from my family background. 

Jim Carrey - Actor

I'm a firm believer in affirmations.  Affirmations bombard your subconscious mind with new thoughts and images.  An affirmation is a statement that describes a goal in its already completed state.  Repeat affirmations three times a day, out loud, and at least once while looking at yourself in the mirror.

There is a very simple way to create your own affirmations. 
  1. Start with the word I am.
  2. Describe what you want as though you already have it.  Only use present tense.
  3. Affirm what you want, not what you don't want.  Keep it positive.
  4. Be specific.
Once you have written your affirmations, there is one more step - visualization.  You have to visualize what you have written.  See what you want as if it has already happened.  If you want a new car, see the world from inside the car as you are driving it.  Hear the sound of the car, feel how it drives, smell the new interior.  Include other people congratulating you on your new car.

My affirmations change as my needs and wants change.  Here are a few of my favorites:
  • I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.
  • I am happy, healthy, and living my dream.
  • I only eat healthy foods and drink healthy drinks.
  • Something wonderful is happening today - I can feel it.
  • I am celebrating feeling light, alive, and beautiful at my perfect body weight of _____.
  • I have lots of energy and enthusiasm for life.
Start with just a few affirmations and continue to repeat them for a minimum of 30 days.  Let me know how it works for you.



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fall for Accessories, Shoes, Hair and Makeup in 2010

It isn’t just clothing that can be trendy.  New trends are always seen with shoes, handbags, accessories, hair and makeup.  As with all trends, adapt those that work for your body shape, personality and are age appropriate.  According to InStyle Magazine – “Fall 2010 is the return of the lady.  Sleek heels and structured bags are sophisticated, refined, and part of the polished look that’s totally happening for fall”.  I’m personally thrilled to see that - but I also see falls share of biker chic and mismatch colors and prints.  Here are a few others for fall 2010.

Accessories – Gloves galore including finger-free gloves.  Necklaces by the neck full.  Lots of strands of pearls.  Bands and bangles by the armful.  Layer your jewelry.  Handbags include bags that match clothes, personalized bags, and logo bags.  Embellishments on bags such as sequin, metallic and fur.  Specific bags include backpacks, frame bags, document or messenger bags, hobo bags, cross-body shoulder bags, chain handles and envelope bags.

 Shoes – Patent is still popular along with suede.  Bright suede with gray or black tights.  Nude colored shoes with bright outfits.  Fringe and tassel shoes with either flat or high-heels. Biker boots with a tough attitude - wear them with leggings or a short full skirt and tights.  Legwear is very important and in a variety of textures and colors. A playful trend seen on the runways were ankle socks with heels. 


Hair – Hair will be seen intentionally messy.  Let your hair go big and wild like the ‘80’s.  There will be lots of volume and rollers are being seen again – just not  in public. Headbands make a comeback.  


    Makeup - Eye shadow application -  apply a bright shadow,  then offset it with a contrasting shade underneath such as  purple with bronze, teal with shimmery yellow, cranberry with mint.   Match your lipstick and dress color but downplay your eyes.                                  

    Wishing you a fabulous fall.  Happy Shopping.



    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Fall 2010

    As a member of the Fashion Group International (FGI), I always look forward to receiving the trend Overview.  The fall fashion mantra written by Marylou Luther states:

     If clothes are truly socio-economic indicators, the recession is really over and it's okay to look rich again.

    I think by "looking rich" it means to pull out the fur - real or fake - and pile on the bling!  A lot of fur accents were seen on wool along with fur dresses, skirts, and pants.  Sparkle and bling were in the form of sequins, metallics and glitter.

    Here are some of the other runaway trends seen in the Fall Fashion Shows that could be adopted into our everyday ensemble
    • Shapely formfitting clothes in solid hues. 
    • The return of the pantsuit.  The jacket is longer, fitted, oversized, wrapped, or peplum.  Single or double-breasted jackets are paired with wide, narrow or cropped pants. 
    • As I mentioned in last week's blog - leather (real or vegan) is on trend.  Lightweight leather is a great transition piece for cool fall days.
    • Velvet and lace are popular for evening apparel.
    • Plaids and prints are paired together.
    • A polished-yet-approachable elegance with hat and gloves, plaid or tweed suit.  
    • Calf length skirts with gores or A-lines.
    • Classic camel colors along with bright and bold colors.  Green, red, purple, and turquoise.  Blues and oranges are strong.  Black and white are always right.
    Keep in mind that runway trends are extreme.  To update your wardrobe for Fall you can pull these trends in with color, fabric, texture shoes and handbags.  Just make sure you are dressing to honor who you are and what works best for your unique body shape.

    Next week I'll tell you about the Fall trends for accessories, shoes, hair and makeup.

    Have a fabulous week!


    Friday, July 9, 2010

    "Green is the new Red, White, & Blue

    I hope all of you had a fun and festive 4th of July.  In retail, the 4th of July signifies that it is time to get summer apparel off the floor and make room for Fall!  My next several blogs will focus on Fall 2010 trends.  Fall fashions are as exciting as fireworks to me.  I ooh and aah over the fabrics, textures, colors and styles. This year there is even more to light up the sky - organic and vegan wear. 

    Organic food has led the way to what is now a hot trend in fall fashion - Vegan Leather.  I am a proud consultant for Jana Kos Style Partners and I'm excited to announce her earth friendly vegan leather jackets.

    Organic and vegan wear is on the rise yet finding it is stores is still few and far between.  Just as organic produce was considered an unneeded luxury a few years ago, the perception of vegan apparel is changing as well.  Giving customers the choice will only add to its popularity.

    As you can see from the pictures, Jana's vegan leather jackets look exactly like the more expensive lamb leather which she still offers.  While organic and vegan food seems more expensive,  Jana's vegan leather is several hundred dollars less than her lamb leather.

    Everyone talks about "going green" with household products but I don't think we give much thought when purchasing clothing.  I see a lot of waste when I work in closets.  I'm guilty of it myself. Closets are overstuffed with the pieces that don't fit, have never been worn, or hang there because Aunt Betty gave it as a gift.

    Besides purchasing vegan wear, here are few other ways to support the environment:

        1. Pay more for your clothing but purchase fewer clothes.
        2. Swap parties (see past blog on swapping)
        3. Consignment shopping (but only if you know how to spot good quality).

    To see Jana's entire collection go to or contact me at

    Here's to life, liberty, and pursuit of vegan leather!



    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Fashion Feng Shui

    In March I became the first person in Kentucky to be certified in Fashion Feng Shui. Evana Maggiore is the creator of Fashion Feng Shui and held this training in her beautiful Florida home. It is a holistic approach to personal style - dressing your body, mind, and spirit. A FFS workshop can guide you to a deeper understanding of your personal energies and teach you how to dress to honor your wholeness.

    In a Fashion Feng Shui workshop you discover how to dress your Essence, Intention, and Appearance. Dressing your Essence means dressing the authentic person. Self-confidence requires authenticity. If your lifestyle is not honoring your Essence, you will doubt yourself. Your outer world needs to align with your inner being, then you project your authentic self to others. Dress who you are – inside and out.

    Secondly, you learn how to dress your Intention. This means you dress the part you desire to play. Do you want more fun in your life, more money, different relationships? As Evana states in her book Fashion Feng Shui – The Power of Dressing with Intention, “You already are what you think you can be. You need only to Identify your Ideal Self and visually affirm it in your appearance in order to create it in your life”.

    Third is dressing your Appearance or dressing your body. This is dressing to look your best. Communicating your personal style with confidence.

    Lean how to make everything in your life flatter you. Clothes are your tools for transformation. It is very powerful.

    I will be having a Fashion Feng Shui workshop on Sunday, July 25. For more information call me at 502.939.6000.

    Here’s to your Transformation!


    Friday, May 28, 2010

    The Fashion Gourmet

    For the last two years I have been working on a book called The Fashion Gourmet – Simple Recipes for a Delicious Wardrobe. The concept of The Fashion Gourmet is to take the successful format of cookbooks and provide simple recipes for appropriate dressing. The photographs on the opposite page of the recipes create impact, similar to seeing a picture of your favorite food recipe. Recipes are created with a woman’s body type and lifestyle in mind.

    The same time my book proposal was complete the recession hit. No one wanted to see a new author unless they had a very strong platform. I put the proposal aside and continued to write my book.

    Two years later and my book is still not published. It wasn’t just the cost of self publishing – it’s the cost of the photography.

    Now I am taking the concept to television. Oprah Winfrey is looking for the next television star for her new network. I’ve submitted my three minute audition and let the voting begin.

    The concept for The Fashion Gourmet is even better for television. On the show it will be easier to show and explain at the same time. Some ideas for episodes include:
    • Basic Foundation Recipe. This is quickly demonstrated on the audition video. The idea is to have a basic wardrobe of 12-15 pieces and be able to create 60 plus outfits.
    • Closet Organizing Recipe. This gives the ingredients and steps to turn your closet into your own boutique.
    • What to do with Leftovers. Landfills are overflowing with textiles. Go “green” and see over 20 different ways to use clothing you might have thrown out.
    • Special Occasion Recipe. Be ready for any occasion with a special occasion capsule.
    • Measuring Your Body Type Recipe. Learn to dress your unique wonderful body shape once you know what that shape is.
    This is just a sampling of ideas I have for a show. Help me make this dream come true. The five videos with the most votes automatically advance to the finals. Oprah’s staff will select another five. I would love to be a sure bet with the most votes but I need help. I need a lot of votes – daily – now through July 3rd, 2010.

    Just click here or go to, click on My Own Show, then enter The Fashion Gourmet in the search box.

    Click on the link to vote as many times and as often as you can. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

    Your Fashion Gourmet - Chris

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Inspired Style

    On Monday, May 3, the book I co-authored, Inspired Style, arrived. It is so exciting to see it come together after spending a year on the project.

    When I was first asked to contribute I was hesitant. Not knowing all the other co-authors left me wondering about their capability. As a co-author I wouldn't have final say about the "look" of the book Both fears vanished as soon as I read the proof. I'm thrilled to be part of the book and finally see the finished product.

    It wasn't until May of 2008 that I found the writer in me. I attended the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) conference in Tampa, FL. There I sat in on a couple of writing classes. Brenda Kinsel's "Write Stuff" class is the one that lit a fire inside me. She explained that everyone has a book inside of them. as soon as I returned from the conference the idea came to me for The Fashion Gourmet.

    The Fashion Gourmet is still a work in progress but holding Inspired Style in my hand I was "inspired" to get going again.

    Inspired Style leads you on a journey of self-discovery and helps you understand and enhance what makes you the unique person you are. For more information on how to order go to my website

    Here's to your new Inspired Style,


    Friday, May 14, 2010

    Mixed Messages

    I was very disappointed when I saw the direction Miss USA has gone with their “official photos”. My concern is the mixed message that is being sent to young girls. I never missed a Miss America or Miss USA as a child. The grace, poise, and intelligence of these beautiful women captivated me. I wanted to be Phyllis George.

    This Sunday Miss USA will crown a new winner. The theme for the pageant is “Waking Up in Vegas”. To raise the level of awareness of the pageant all 51 contestants were photographed in skimpy outfits. It isn’t just the high heels, fishnets, and heavy makeup - the seductive poses speak louder than words.

    On the Today Show, pageant president Paula Shugart stated that these women are not looking to bring world peace. They are all aspiring actresses and models.

    When I posted the question on Facebook there were some who liked the photos and some that were indifferent. One gal said that if she” were young and beautiful like that she would pose for the pictures”. Another said “at least they’re being honest about what they are valuing in women”.

    Miss Kentucky USA, Kindra Clark, lives in Mt. Washington. Her picture was nice but had no idea it was her until I looked it up online. During her photo shoot she got too warm from the lights and an ambulance was called. She is fine now – I look forward to seeing her Sunday night and wish her the best of luck. You might recall that last year’s Miss Kentucky USA, Maria Montgomery, came in 4th runner up.

    It makes me sad that nothing makes society blush. I hope that mothers watching the pageant with their daughters explain that the pageant did that for ratings and that you don’t have to be a sex kitten to be a queen.

    Let me know your thoughts.


    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Regarding Jana's Letter

    I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I love being an Image Consultant and selling the Jana Kos collection.

    Jana Kos changed my life! In 2004 I began selling the Juliana Collection which was designed by Jana Kos. In 2006 The Voice Tribune began the Best Dressed of Louisville awards. In its first year I was awarded top 5 best dressed. I know it was the beautiful designs of Jana Kos that put me in that category.

    It’s not just the award that changed my life. It was noticing that my husband always wanted to take pictures of me in my Jana Kos clothing. My girls weren’t telling me to put something else on. It was learning on a daily basis to just say “thank you” to the numerous comments I would get on my outfits. What you put on the outside truly affects how you feel on the inside. I was changing from the inside out.

    Private label shopping is the way of the future. Once a woman shops this way she never wants to go back to fighting mall traffic or unqualified sales people. My customers love the individual attention, relaxed setting, detailed records on previous purchases and the ability to add to previous purchases. I have the latest in foundation pieces available to view, along with videos of the latest fashion show or television interview I’ve produced.

    I have sold another private label but found Jana’s designs and company to surpass any of the competition. This is what makes the Jana Kos Collection superior:

    1. When I wasn’t wearing Jana’s clothing I didn’t get complimented. The styles were pretty and the fabrics nice, but they didn’t have the “wow” punch that Jana’s clothing has.
    2. Jana has details unlike anyone else. From her lining to seaming details, I’ve never seen another collection come close to her attention to detail.
    3. Jana’s buttons are like art. Buttons are enameled like jewelry, hand painted, or covered in special fabric. She takes as much pride in selecting buttons as she does fabrics.
    4. Jana is very passionate about the New York garment district. Her labels say “made in NYC”. The only pieces made out of the US are the leathers and silks because those companies have gone out of business in the US. She is loud and proud about keeping the work in the USA.
    5. Jana’s staff has performed miracles for me. They go out of their way to get me what I need – even if it is a button from a year ago.
    6. If I need to speak to the executive team they are there for me – even Jana. I don’t have to go through levels of management to get answers.
    7. Jana Kos Style Partners have positive and professional consultants. I love meeting with other consultants on a quarterly basis. Everyone is there to help each other, share ideas, and encourage one another. A true sisterhood.

    I love my work. I look forward to helping women on a daily basis. Just two nights ago I heard a customer telling my makeup artist that “Chris brought me into being a woman and not just a wife and mother”. That is why I do what I do. You could too. If you are passionate about helping women look and feel their best, interested in working part time, and would like to get fabulous clothing at a discount, give me a call at 502-939-6000. The view from the top is breathtaking – come join me.



    Sunday, January 31, 2010

    Effortless Dressing: A Letter from Designer, Jana Kos

    A Letter from designer, Jana Kos

    Dear Friends,
    We have just completed a very successful first year at JANA KOS, STYLE PARTNERS INC and are concentrating our 2010 efforts on GROWTH! We are looking for professional Stylists to represent JANA KOS fashions in markets around the country and need your help..... Let me tell you more!!!!

    The JANA KOS Collection is a New York designed line of upscale women's clothing and accessories that is only sold through independent fashion stylists throughout the country. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity; four times per year (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) our stylists receive the full JANA KOS sample collection and sets up in her home or studio for 7-14 days. She then invites friends, acquaintances and colleagues to shop by private appointment. This business model allows the stylist the ability to offer her clients a high level of personal service and a designer's full seasonal collection in sizes 0 - 16. A stylist selling JANA KOS earns a generous commission on her sales plus a bonus incentive, which can translate into a six figure annual income!!!
    Jana Kos Style Partners Inc. is quickly growing throughout the country and we currently have opportunities in several markets (Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Omaha, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Chappaqua, plus others) for qualified stylists. You probably have relatives and/or friends in these or other cities that would appreciate learning more about this opportunity. I am asking for your professional help in identifying these candidates.

    The ideal candidate would possess these qualities:
    • Extensive contacts within her community and a natural networking.
    • Proven success records in business or volunteer arenas
    • An Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • A Sense Of Style
    • A Desire to Succeed
    If YOU or a person you know is looking for a business opportunity that offers flexibility, economic growth and a chance to be your own CEO, please visit our company website, and complete the "Contact US" form. One of our Executives will schedule a personal phone appointment to discuss the opportunity. If your referral is selected to join Style Partners as a will receive a $1,000 gift certificate for JANA KOS clothing as our thank you!!!
    WE ALL WIN!!!!

    We invite you to view examples of the 2010 spring collection and previous seasons of the JANA KOS Collection.

    20s Picture
    YOU love luxury fashion and have a 20s Picture
    sense of style others admire.

    You have an entrepreneurial spirit with
    a natural talent for networking.

    You have a proven success record in business
    or volunteer arenas and know EVERYONE!

    You have a busy life that requires a flexible
    schedule and working from home.

    You want to control your own destiny, and
    challenge yourself to succeed.

    You want your own business in fashion with
    minimal investment and potential for sizable
    profit. (up to six figures)

    You want to be a STYLE PARTNER and sell
    beautiful fashions 4 times a year for 1-14 days.


    Friday, January 22, 2010

    Effortless Dressing for The Derby Princess

    It is time to start thinking Derby. Prior to that first Saturday in May a different sort of race begins; the race to find the perfect hat and dress for Oaks and Derby. There is a select group of young ladies who do not have to fret about what to wear or even where to park. They are known as Derby Princesses.

    Five college students have been selected to represent the state of Kentucky in over 70 events leading up to Derby Day. Their wardrobe is donated to them by various stores, including Collections from Jana Kos Style Partners.

    2010 Derby Princess Court wearing Jana Kos dresses

    Having a
    wardrobe given to you is the ultimate in "effortless dressing". Energetic Fillie, Patsy Allen, oversees the girls during their activities. Patsy will tell them which outfit to wear, the shoes to wear, and what time they will be picked up. I've even seen Patsy doing their makeup. "Princess" is an appropriate title.

    If you have not been fortunate enough to have a wardrobe given to you, consider hiring an Image Consultant to assist you in getting to a point where
    getting dressed is effortless. Nothing is worse than looking in your closet with a frown thinking "what will I wear?" I can help you open your closet and with smile seeing all the possibilities of what you will wear!

    Having a workable wardrobe is a sure bet for effortless dressing.

    Congratulations to the Derby Princess Court and best of luck to Patsy.


    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    Effortless Dressing

    Effortless Dressing with 2010 Spring Trends

    In Style Magazine recently polled its readers to find out what they wanted to change about wardrobes in 2010. Surprisingly only 14% said they wanted a trendier wardrobe but over half of those polled – 53% - wanted a more classic wardrobe.

    Each season we wait in anticipation of what the new trends will be. I am often asked to speak on television and radio about the new trends of each season. Most of us want to look updated and trendy yet the styles seem to only work for the young, thin, fit, leggy, 20 something female. Here are a few of the 2010 spring trends and how you can fit them into your wardrobe.

    1. Boyfriend Blazer. This got its name because it is to look like a blazer your boyfriend let you borrow. The trick with the oversized blazer is to push up the sleeves. This gives it the look that the sleeves would otherwise be too long at the same time showing off the skinny part of your arm which makes you appear thinner.

    2. Full Short Skirts. The skirts this spring are short and full. If you don’t have the legs for them you could stick with pants or go for a little longer fun skirt. Jana Kos has a variety of skirts that have the “wow” factor – a detail that makes it a must have. Skirts are always a favorite in warmer weather. Dress them up or down depending on your lifestyle and occasion.

    3. High Dress Slits. We have seen the high slits on the red carpet but they are now available as everyday dresses. Jana’s lux twill, wrinkle free, dress can be zipped up or down to your liking. The zipper is its own jewelry and creates a vertical line that makes your entire body look longer and leaner.

    4. Jeans. Denim is the fabric for the season. The younger set will be seen with ripped/slashed jeans. A nice boot cut jean will make your hips look smaller and give you a youthful feel without the rips. Jeans with patches are a micro trend and are not suggested for an office setting.

    5. Acrylic Necklaces. Won’t clash with an outfit so you can wear them with anything. Keep necklaces to scale with your bone structure.

    Other trends for spring that I do not recommend for most are the hot pants, boy shorts and briefs. It seems that underwear is now considered outerwear. Underwear got the name for a reason, it’s best to keep them “under”. Sheer and see through fabrics will also be seen- keep it appropriate and you’ll always be in style.

    I had the honor to host a cocktail party at my home for New York designer, Jana Kos. Below are some of the pictures of the event. I am so grateful to be part of her amazing organization. Check out her fabulous designs at

    Lisa Scherer. Jana Kos

    Jana Kos, Scooter Ray

    Friday, January 8, 2010

    Effortless Dressing with Jana Kos Style Partners

    Happy New Year! It has been a couple of months since I have blogged. Some of you have reminded me of this and for that I thank you. With a New Year and a New Decade I'm excited to focus this New Year on "effortless dressing".

    As a Jana Kos Style Partners consultant, I overhear women chatting in public places about hating to shop for clothing because of lack of time or being unhappy with their current body shape. I am passionate about helping all women create a wardrobe that puts a smile on their face when opening their closet door. Life is too short to not live it in style - your style. Follow me weekly as I walk you through small steps to effortless dressing.

    First I would like to introduce you to designer Jana Kos. I just returned from New York City where I saw her beautiful 2010 spring collection. This lady is all heart! At the meeting she introduced her button guy, pattern maker, husband, mother, and twin boys. She spoke about her favorite mills in Europe, the ladies that hand knot her silk scarves, and her efforts to save the garment district. This isn't just about designing clothing but designing effortless lifestyles through effortless dressing. Jana's stunning collection and trained consultants can do just that. To view Jana's spring collection go to

    Next week I will discuss the spring trends and how you can effortlessly apply the best ones to your wardrobe. I can't wait! Until then have a fabulous week.