Friday, May 1, 2009

Beauty in the Bluegrass

This past Tuesday I was at Churchhill Downs participating in a Morning Line Radio Network. I was interviewed by several regional radio stations about Derby Fashions and Derby Hats.

What I found interesting is the "awe" that out of town folks experience when seeing the beautiful women at Derby. Louisville takes center stage this weekend with the running of the Oaks and Derby but the women's fashion and hats get as much commentary as the horses.

Derby 2009 will see an explosion of color. Fushia, tangerine, (those two colors combined) yellow, pink, and aqua top the list. You will see more dresses than suits however, suits are always a sure bet. It is the year of the tiny hat and tall heels. You will see hats called "fastenators". These are small hats attached to the head with an elastic strap - perfect for the car, elevators and ladies room. I personally love the large brim hats - they give a chic, sophisticated look to any ensemble. You will see checks, dots and stripes in interesting combinations. You might even see a few "Barbies" in the crowd. Mattel came out with the 135 Kentucky Derby Barbie. Hat desinger Christine Moore has replicated Barbies hat - can't wait to see who is wearing one.

The Bluegrass state does produce beautiful women. Not only an outer beauty but an inner beauty as well. Women all across the state are opening their homes to guests, party goers, and everyone who wants to be a "Kentuckian" for a day.

No one comes close to being as stylish as Kentuckians, and on Derby Day - everyone is a Kentuckian, regardless of where they live. Kentucky has a rich legacy of horses, food, and bourbon - a real Southern charm oozing with warmth and character. I'm proud to be part of Kentucky's rich tradition.

Happy Derby,