Saturday, July 19, 2008

"I'm Melting - I'm Melting"

Do you find yourself on these hot summer afternoons quoating the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz - "I'm melting, I'm melting"!

When temperatures begin to soar it is time to pull out the summer survival makeup tips:
1. Cut back on beauty products. In my VIP Private Collection Cosmetics I suggest to customers the Mineral Sheer Tint foundation with an SPF 20. This foundation is good for all skin types, it moisurizes and protects leaving the skin appearing flawless and radiant - not shiney and tacky. No moisturizer is needed therefore you will not look as if you have a layer of saran wrap over your face in the heat of the afternoon.
2. For those who tend to have more oil in the skin I recommend blotting paper or Invisible Blotting Powder found in the VIP Private Collection. These products can remove the unwanted shine produced from excessive oil and heat keeping you looking cool and refreshed.
3. If you prespire easily I suggest garmet gards. These are pads that can be worn under your arms to keep your clothing free from perspiration and the dreaded wet ring.
4. Camisoles now come with a self bra. This is perfect if you are required to wear a jacket in the office. Office buildings feel like refrigerators after coming in from outside - likewise when you exit the office building. Having one less garmet of clothing on your body will make you feel cooler and refreshed - at least until you can get home and put on your shorts.
5. If your office dress code requires formal business attire that includes pantyhose - you can now purchase toe-less pantyhose. Keeping your piggly wigglies free gives you a feeling of cool freedom. If your dress code allows for open toe shoes but the veins on your legs look like a road map to grandma's - these pantyhose will do the trick to keep flaws hidden and freedom given to your toes. NOTE - if you are showing your toes - a professional pedicure is a must.
6. If your office dress code permits bare legs in the summer months, tanned legs will look the best in the bright sunshine. I suggest getting your legs air brushed professionally or finding a quality product that you can apply without having streaks on your legs or orange palms on your hands.

These are just a few ways to keep from "melting" in the summer heat. If you have any tricks that work for you please email me at I'll be sure to pass those tips on.

Stay in touch and stay cool

Friday, July 18, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, this is Chris, owner of the VIP Studio - Visual Impact & Presence. The moment we see someone we make judgements about them based purely on the way they look. We evaluate them on a scale of attractiveness, whether we think they're friendly, equal to us socially and intellectually - basically if they're worthy of our time. Since we make these judgements based on how we look, isn't it important to select the proper clothing and accessories for your body type, coloring, and personality? Looking to land a promotion, just getting back in the work force, do you have an important speech to deliver, want to improve your poise, posture & presence? Check daily for tips on how to improve your visual, verbal and non-verbal communication. Welcome to my blog - enjoy transforming yourself on a daily basis. Enjoy!