Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Closet Capsules

Capsule dressing is a concept - not a diet pill. Capsule dressing consists of building groups of 10-20 related pieces of clothing that can be worn in a number of combinations. There isn't a specific formula for capsule dressing but there are guidelines. Here are a few:

1. Solid colors will mix easier than patterns.
2. Select classic pieces that won't look out of style next year.
3. Select year round fabrics such as lightweight wool gabardine, georgette, rayon-blend gabardine, crepe, silk, cotton blends, fine-wale corduroy and denim.
4. No two items should be of the same style.
5. Each piece should work with three other pieces in the capsule.
6. Each item should be your most flattering colors and styles.
7. If you are mixing solids, they need to be purchased at the same time from the same manufacturer.
8. The pieces need to reflect your personality wether you are classic, dramatic, sporty, elegant, creative, romantic, or alluring.

Believe it or not - your closet could contain 20 pieces (known as your foundation) and that would be all you need. How many of us only have 20 pieces of clothing in our closet? The goal with a closet capsule is to have less clothing and more to wear. Your lifestyle, the climate where you live, your body type and personality will determine the look of your foundation. Here is a basic foundation for a woman working and/or volunteering outside her home:

One three piece suit that includes a jacket, pant and skirt
One white blouse
One dress
One novelty jacket - meaning it could be worn over the dress, with the suit pants/skirt and with jeans
One novelty pair of pants - works with most tops, the novelty jacket and suit jacket
Four - Six basic tops/blouses depending on your personal preference and body type.
One pair of dressy jeans
Four pairs of shoes - depending on your personal preference - make it a variety from flats to heels. One of the shoes should be a basic pump.
Two high quality handbags - depending on your position, one could be a briefcase.

If all of this seems too overwhelming for you to do alone - call an Image Consultant. We love going into closets. My next blog will focus on clearing out your closet of all those items that should no longer be there - to make room for your foundation pieces.

Until then, enjoy your day.