Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Worst Holiday Attire

What does holiday attire mean - showing up in a santa suit? Many invitations indicate the dress is "holiday attire." Here is my list of what not to wear when wearing holiday attire.
1. Holiday sweater - keep the sweater that features rudolph's nose lighting up for the second grade Christmas party. Instead of a rudolph sweater try a tasteful holiday scarf around your neck over a solid sweater.
2. Santa hat - only wear a santa hat if you are being paid to be santa.
3. Ornament earrings - not such a good idea, especially the jingle bell earrings. You don't need to announce that you are entering a room with your earrings.
4. Wearing too much glitz - too much shine will overwhelm anyone. Don't be so done up that you out dazzle the tree. Don't electrify the room with too much sparkle. Keep shimmer tastful on your clothing and your makeup.
5. Showing too much skin - if you're going to show off your beautiful legs then cover your upper body. If you want to show off your chest cover your legs. Too much cleavage can turn off party guests. If in doubt, cover up.
6. Christmas ties - those can be stupid or tasteful. Go for tasteful.
7. Muscial Clothing - I've heard socks, ties, and gloves play a Christmas jingle. If you are entertaining kids it's perfect. If you want to be perceived as sophisticated, suave, or glamorous, there not such a good idea.
8. Makeup - highlight only one feature with glitter such as your eyes, cheekbones, shoulders or chest but not all of it.
9. Bold red lips - can be very festive as long as you keep the rest of the face fairly bare with soft eye shadow and a little mascara.
10. Winter jackets - if you are dressing up you need a dressier overcoat. My husband hates seeing a car coat over an evening gown.

I know I've included a lot of what not to do. One thing I know for sure that I want you to do is