Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Life of an Image Consultant

My Grand Glam Makeover winner, Ginny Costello, just left my house after a body and personality analysis. Ginny has a triangle shape body so I walked her through Doncaster's spring 2009 collection explaining what would best highlight her beautiful triangle figure. We reviewed her colors, I showed her several ways to tie a scarf, then we sat and talked about what it means to transform.

In my middle 20's I started a modeling school and agency with my friend Julie. We were shocked at the number of more mature women that attended our school. The local newspaper even wrote a story about these ladies. One of them was over 70 years old. These more mature women opened my eyes to what transformation was all about. As these ladies became confident putting on makeup, fixing their hair, and demonstrating proper walking and poise, I witnessed changes I didn't expect. Many of them went back into the work force, some were confident enough to get out of marriages they should of left years ago. I received notes thanking me for the confidence they felt and the new life they were leading. They became better mothers, daughters and friends.

Once again tonight I was reminded by Ginny how powerful transforming can be. Ginny shared that she is searching for the woman she use to be before she allowed being a mother, wife and care giver to take over her life. Like most women, she doesn't regret doing what she does for others. Our regret is that of losing ourselves in the process of caring for everyone else. We forget that we have to care for ourselves and when we do, it benefits those we love and care for.
It isn't about losing ten pounds, knowing how to dress your figure, proper makeup application, or what colors are best for you. It's what you learn about yourself on the journey.

I love my job. I love helping others discover their true, best self. I love when individuals feel joy on a daily basis.

I am so happy for Ginny. I love being part of her journey. She is journaling and I'm sure will share some of her experiences at some point.

I could make a lot more money in another career, but in my opinion, the life of an Image Consultant is the richest career anyone could have.