Saturday, February 6, 2010

Regarding Jana's Letter

I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I love being an Image Consultant and selling the Jana Kos collection.

Jana Kos changed my life! In 2004 I began selling the Juliana Collection which was designed by Jana Kos. In 2006 The Voice Tribune began the Best Dressed of Louisville awards. In its first year I was awarded top 5 best dressed. I know it was the beautiful designs of Jana Kos that put me in that category.

It’s not just the award that changed my life. It was noticing that my husband always wanted to take pictures of me in my Jana Kos clothing. My girls weren’t telling me to put something else on. It was learning on a daily basis to just say “thank you” to the numerous comments I would get on my outfits. What you put on the outside truly affects how you feel on the inside. I was changing from the inside out.

Private label shopping is the way of the future. Once a woman shops this way she never wants to go back to fighting mall traffic or unqualified sales people. My customers love the individual attention, relaxed setting, detailed records on previous purchases and the ability to add to previous purchases. I have the latest in foundation pieces available to view, along with videos of the latest fashion show or television interview I’ve produced.

I have sold another private label but found Jana’s designs and company to surpass any of the competition. This is what makes the Jana Kos Collection superior:

  1. When I wasn’t wearing Jana’s clothing I didn’t get complimented. The styles were pretty and the fabrics nice, but they didn’t have the “wow” punch that Jana’s clothing has.
  2. Jana has details unlike anyone else. From her lining to seaming details, I’ve never seen another collection come close to her attention to detail.
  3. Jana’s buttons are like art. Buttons are enameled like jewelry, hand painted, or covered in special fabric. She takes as much pride in selecting buttons as she does fabrics.
  4. Jana is very passionate about the New York garment district. Her labels say “made in NYC”. The only pieces made out of the US are the leathers and silks because those companies have gone out of business in the US. She is loud and proud about keeping the work in the USA.
  5. Jana’s staff has performed miracles for me. They go out of their way to get me what I need – even if it is a button from a year ago.
  6. If I need to speak to the executive team they are there for me – even Jana. I don’t have to go through levels of management to get answers.
  7. Jana Kos Style Partners have positive and professional consultants. I love meeting with other consultants on a quarterly basis. Everyone is there to help each other, share ideas, and encourage one another. A true sisterhood.

I love my work. I look forward to helping women on a daily basis. Just two nights ago I heard a customer telling my makeup artist that “Chris brought me into being a woman and not just a wife and mother”. That is why I do what I do. You could too. If you are passionate about helping women look and feel their best, interested in working part time, and would like to get fabulous clothing at a discount, give me a call at 502-939-6000. The view from the top is breathtaking – come join me.



Sunday, January 31, 2010

Effortless Dressing: A Letter from Designer, Jana Kos

A Letter from designer, Jana Kos

Dear Friends,
We have just completed a very successful first year at JANA KOS, STYLE PARTNERS INC and are concentrating our 2010 efforts on GROWTH! We are looking for professional Stylists to represent JANA KOS fashions in markets around the country and need your help..... Let me tell you more!!!!

The JANA KOS Collection is a New York designed line of upscale women's clothing and accessories that is only sold through independent fashion stylists throughout the country. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity; four times per year (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) our stylists receive the full JANA KOS sample collection and sets up in her home or studio for 7-14 days. She then invites friends, acquaintances and colleagues to shop by private appointment. This business model allows the stylist the ability to offer her clients a high level of personal service and a designer's full seasonal collection in sizes 0 - 16. A stylist selling JANA KOS earns a generous commission on her sales plus a bonus incentive, which can translate into a six figure annual income!!!
Jana Kos Style Partners Inc. is quickly growing throughout the country and we currently have opportunities in several markets (Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Omaha, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Chappaqua, plus others) for qualified stylists. You probably have relatives and/or friends in these or other cities that would appreciate learning more about this opportunity. I am asking for your professional help in identifying these candidates.

The ideal candidate would possess these qualities:
  • Extensive contacts within her community and a natural networking.
  • Proven success records in business or volunteer arenas
  • An Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • A Sense Of Style
  • A Desire to Succeed
If YOU or a person you know is looking for a business opportunity that offers flexibility, economic growth and a chance to be your own CEO, please visit our company website, and complete the "Contact US" form. One of our Executives will schedule a personal phone appointment to discuss the opportunity. If your referral is selected to join Style Partners as a will receive a $1,000 gift certificate for JANA KOS clothing as our thank you!!!

We invite you to view examples of the 2010 spring collection and previous seasons of the JANA KOS Collection.

20s Picture

YOU love luxury fashion and have a 20s Picture
sense of style others admire.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit with
a natural talent for networking.

You have a proven success record in business
or volunteer arenas and know EVERYONE!

You have a busy life that requires a flexible
schedule and working from home.

You want to control your own destiny, and
challenge yourself to succeed.

You want your own business in fashion with
minimal investment and potential for sizable
profit. (up to six figures)

You want to be a STYLE PARTNER and sell
beautiful fashions 4 times a year for 1-14 days.