Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Private Label Shopping

Are you tired of going through the malls looking for the right outfit for a special occasion? Are you fed up with salespeople telling you how beautiful something is on you only to take it home and your family hates it on you? Are you tired of shopping boutiques that cater to smaller sizes? Are you ready for some good old-fashioned customer service?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then private label shopping is for you. PLS has been catching on over the years. I personally didn't experience it until 2004 with the Juliana Collection. Other PLS companies include Doncaster, Carlisle, Worth, Cabi, and the new Jana Kos Style Partners.

When shopping with private labels, you are invited into someone's home or boutique for a shopping experience unlike malls or boutiques. You are either one on one or with a small group of like minded women. In most cases, the wardrobe consultant is trained on what would look best for your particular body type and over time comes to know your personal style. PLS will carry two or four collections per year. Fall is shown in June, July, and August. Winter is shown in September, October, and November. Spring is shown in January, February, and March. Summer is shown in April and May. Your consultant will have on file previous purchases for you to build on what is already in your closet.

I love PLS because it is relaxed, comfortable, and fun. I used to shop with a PLS company just because the consultant was so much fun to be around. I looked forward to my visits with her and knew she was always being honest with me on what did or did not look good on me. Unlike traditional stores, most consultants are very concerned with how you look in their private label clothing because it is a reflection on them. If you look good - it makes them look good.

Some consultants will pay for your alterations, deliver to your door, have giveaways, and will always work your appointments around your schedule. The only catch is that you have to order your clothing and wait for it to arrive which isn't a problem - who wants to wear their fall purchases in July? This isn't for the impulse shopper - it's for smart shoppers who want to make smart purchases. As I always say - it's about having less clothing in your closet, but more outfits to wear. With PLS, you can accomplish just that.

Happy Shopping,