Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chinese Etiquette Tips

Friday August 8, 2008 begins the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. If you are fortunate enough to attend I have a few Chinese etiquette tips to use while in the country.
1. Tipping is not a common practice in China however they are well aware that in the Western world tipping is a common practice. I doubt they would refuse the kind gesture.
2. I have never been one to be able to manuever chopsticks. If you are in China and want to give it a try be sure not to stab your food with them, lick them, or point them at others.
3. The Chinese do not show PDA (public displays of affection) like we do in the US. Anything beyond hand holding might embarrass the Chinese.
4. When eating at a banquet it is only poite to try a little of everything. If you don't try food that has been served to you it will embarrass the host. Give it a try - if you don't like it leave it on your plate.
5. When walking and crossing the street don't assume pedestrians have the right of way. Cross the street with a group if possible.
6. Smile. It is your best accessory and universally accepted. Chinese smile for more reasons than Americans. In China it can mean that a person is embarrassed, happy, friendly or trying to be helpful.
I have always been amazed and in awe of the discipline and dedication athletes give to their sport. I look forward to the excitement of the Olympics. Hope you can enjoy them as well and find your gold metal in the week ahead. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update Your Cosmetics

As we begin to look in our closets and move our summer attire out and our fall attire in - we need to also look in our cosmetic bags to move old makeup out and put new updated makeup in. Have you ever considered tossing cosmetics before it is all used up? Of course not, but you might need to. Eye shadows, pressed powder, blush and pencils should be replaced after one year. This is for sanitary and seasonal reasons. Your pink colored shadows need to be replaced with warmer tones. Plums and abergines are the colors for fall.

Liquid foundations are only good for six to nine months. Remember - as your tan fades you'll need to replace your dark foundations and concealers with a shade or two lighter. Make sure you still stick with the same undertones.

Bronzers are not the best for fall. Bronzers are meant to be used during those sun-kissed months. Play up the cheekbones instead.

Lip products in a tube only last up to a year. Potted gloss lasts up to nine months. Now is the time to invest in a classic red that is good for your skin tone. The corals and taffy pinks for summer need to be replaced with mauve and lip liners that match your lip color. There are a lot of new lip exfoliating products on the market. These are grainy lip scrubs that remove dried skin and plump and smooth the lips. Don't forget to use a lip moisturizer that hydrates the lips. Dry cracked lips in the fall and winter are not only unattractive but painful.

Because of bacteria- mascara needs to be replaced every two or three months. Don't pump your mascara as that will dry it out. Try to find a mascara that add volume without being chunky.

Keep in mind that you don't have to have a lot of color on your lips, eyes and cheeks. Select one area to play up - maybe your lips - and tone down the color on your eyes and cheeks. Maybe you have knock out eyes - play those up and go lighter on your lips and cheeks. If you have beautiful high cheekbones - play those up and go more natural on the eyes and lips - maybe accentuating the lashes. Yes - less is more but make sure you apply makeup daily - it will make a huge difference in how you "face" the world. Have a fabulous day. Enjoy