Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall Shoe Trends

It is still very warm here in Louisville but never too early to start planning your fall wardrobe. As it begins to cool down - shoes are a great way to transition from the warm to cooler temps. The gladiator look from summer is still very strong. You will begin to see more hardware and menwear influences in shoe design. Below are 5 trends to watch when updating your fall wardrobe.

1. Motorcycle - lots of hardware
2. Masculine - menswear influence - cap toe
3. Architecture - straps and angles
4. Viking - gladiator looks
5. Mary Jane

Just because it is a trend doesn't mean that you have to adapt completely to it. Try touches of the trend to see how it fits with your style personality and update accordingly. Have some fun with it, there's never been a better time to try some new shoes.

Much thanks to my friend Karen Hughes for shoe info. Enjoy shoe shopping!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Denim Rules

Jeans have come a long way from being sturdy clothing for hard-working cowboys. Years ago I graduated from mom jeans to dressier denims - thanks to an honest girlfriend. I called them my "hot flash jeans" because I purchased them after my one and only (thus far) hot flash. Since then I've given a lot of thought to jeans. As an Image Consultant I've instructed Human Resource managers to steer clean of jeans - however they are here to stay and I believe they can be used but not abused. In the proper work environment they are appropriate. Yes, jeans are important to a woman's wardrobe but with a few rules to keep in mind.

My Denim Rules:
1. All denim is not for all things. Jeans are great on dates, running errands, casual dinner parties but when it comes to a company function (unless it's a hayride), theatre, church or seminars - jeans need to stay in the closet.
2. Jeans do not have an age limit but that doesn't mean you can wear all the styles. You've got to wear a pair that suits your shape and we all change shape as we get older. You should not wear the same jeans you wore 5 or 10 years ago. That's not depressing, just improving how you look.
3. Experiment! There are straight leg jeans, skinny jeans, boot-cut, and wide leg jeans. It really has become trickier because there are so many brands and styles to choose from. I suggest working with an image or wardrobe consultant, purchase from a specific denim store or knowledgeable boutique. Be prepared to try on a lot - and I mean - a lot of jeans to find the perfect fit for you.
4. Look in the 3 way mirror. Don't base your purchase on how you look in the front. Most people see you from the back. Careful not to select a waistband that is too wide, thick or heavy. Those will cut in to your sides and give you the muffin top look. Try to purchase jeans that are higher in the back so not to tempt anyone to peek at your undies. Speaking of undies - please do not allow your thongs to show in back. Check that jeans do not bag around the knees and bottom. Thankfully, most jeans come with a bit of stretch.
5. If possible, have a pair hemmed to wear with flats and one for heels. I love the look of jeans with pointed toe shoes - it elongates the leg and makes you look taller and thinner.
6. Low rise jeans are not for everyone - even if you are a teenager. Please look in the mirror before leaving home - if you are showing me tush cleavage or have flesh rolls falling over the waistline - please change.
7. Jeans should not look like you are a football trying to fit in to a garden hose. Try a different style if they do. Purchase the size you need regardless of the number - cut the label out when you get home if the number bothers you.
8. A skinny tapered leg is not flattering for pear-shaped gals. If you love the skinny jean then be sure to thow on a long top or shirt that extends past your thighs as long as you are tall enough to handle this look.
9. High waisted jeans on long legs is beautiful. If you have heavy thighs or calves select a fuller cut jean.
10. A jean pant or a jean jacket look great but not together.
11. Have a couple of pairs of colors such as a light denim, dark denim, black and I also like white on the right figure. Careful of all the colors such as red, yellow and turpuoise. Do you want to draw attention to that part of your silhouette?

Jeans are fun and versitle. Go out and find your perfect pair and enjoy them.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Louisville's Best Dressed

Last night was the 3rd annual Voice Tribune's Best Dressed Gala to benefit Hosparus. My 15 year old daughter and favorite alterations specialist, Sherry, accompanied me to the event. You can imagine the time it took for me and my daughter to get dressed, do our hair and makeup for an event where everyone is going to look their very best. Of course my daughter looked like a stunning 20 year old with her retro dress and hair. I wasn't sure her dad was going to let her out of the house.

It wasn't until we arrived that the former recipients were given a letter and asked to walk the runway prior to the fashion show. Once over the shock of having to be "on stage" we followed the guides to the reception area. There was Nigel Barker from America's Next top Model. I immediately took his picture with my daughter. What a genuinely nice guy and yes he is as handsome in person as he is on television. I loved the reception, the food was great, I enjoyed the addition of having informal models but my favorite was chatting with all my beautiful friends that were there.

When it was time to enter the room for the fashion show it was fun to see all the corporate sofas and beds. They did a great job giving this event a New York feel. Of course I loved walking the runway. This was a switch - usually my daughter is the one in the fashion shows.

Jo Ross produced the electrifying fashion show. Blades furnished the extreme hair and makeup on the models but it was the clothing that wowed the audience. Even though it was local boutiques and stores, it looked like combinations you would see in Milan.

The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the 2008 Best Dressed women, men and couples. Congratulations to all. Welcome to the elite group of men and women with women who will now feel the pressure to go to the grocery in full makeup, heels and only on good hair days because of this new title. You get use to it.

If you have not yet attended the Best Dressed Gala, I highly recommend it for next year. Congratulations to the Voice Tribune for an enjoyable and memorable evening.
Continued success. Can't wait for next year.