Friday, July 9, 2010

"Green is the new Red, White, & Blue

I hope all of you had a fun and festive 4th of July.  In retail, the 4th of July signifies that it is time to get summer apparel off the floor and make room for Fall!  My next several blogs will focus on Fall 2010 trends.  Fall fashions are as exciting as fireworks to me.  I ooh and aah over the fabrics, textures, colors and styles. This year there is even more to light up the sky - organic and vegan wear. 

Organic food has led the way to what is now a hot trend in fall fashion - Vegan Leather.  I am a proud consultant for Jana Kos Style Partners and I'm excited to announce her earth friendly vegan leather jackets.

Organic and vegan wear is on the rise yet finding it is stores is still few and far between.  Just as organic produce was considered an unneeded luxury a few years ago, the perception of vegan apparel is changing as well.  Giving customers the choice will only add to its popularity.

As you can see from the pictures, Jana's vegan leather jackets look exactly like the more expensive lamb leather which she still offers.  While organic and vegan food seems more expensive,  Jana's vegan leather is several hundred dollars less than her lamb leather.

Everyone talks about "going green" with household products but I don't think we give much thought when purchasing clothing.  I see a lot of waste when I work in closets.  I'm guilty of it myself. Closets are overstuffed with the pieces that don't fit, have never been worn, or hang there because Aunt Betty gave it as a gift.

Besides purchasing vegan wear, here are few other ways to support the environment:

    1. Pay more for your clothing but purchase fewer clothes.
    2. Swap parties (see past blog on swapping)
    3. Consignment shopping (but only if you know how to spot good quality).

To see Jana's entire collection go to or contact me at

Here's to life, liberty, and pursuit of vegan leather!