Friday, May 14, 2010

Mixed Messages

I was very disappointed when I saw the direction Miss USA has gone with their “official photos”. My concern is the mixed message that is being sent to young girls. I never missed a Miss America or Miss USA as a child. The grace, poise, and intelligence of these beautiful women captivated me. I wanted to be Phyllis George.

This Sunday Miss USA will crown a new winner. The theme for the pageant is “Waking Up in Vegas”. To raise the level of awareness of the pageant all 51 contestants were photographed in skimpy outfits. It isn’t just the high heels, fishnets, and heavy makeup - the seductive poses speak louder than words.

On the Today Show, pageant president Paula Shugart stated that these women are not looking to bring world peace. They are all aspiring actresses and models.

When I posted the question on Facebook there were some who liked the photos and some that were indifferent. One gal said that if she” were young and beautiful like that she would pose for the pictures”. Another said “at least they’re being honest about what they are valuing in women”.

Miss Kentucky USA, Kindra Clark, lives in Mt. Washington. Her picture was nice but had no idea it was her until I looked it up online. During her photo shoot she got too warm from the lights and an ambulance was called. She is fine now – I look forward to seeing her Sunday night and wish her the best of luck. You might recall that last year’s Miss Kentucky USA, Maria Montgomery, came in 4th runner up.

It makes me sad that nothing makes society blush. I hope that mothers watching the pageant with their daughters explain that the pageant did that for ratings and that you don’t have to be a sex kitten to be a queen.

Let me know your thoughts.