Thursday, February 19, 2009

Transition Clothing

Yesterday I promised my friend Julie I would write a new blog. I suppose I'm showing my age when I mention how fast time seems to fly between blogs. When I looked at my last blog the title was "Winter Blahs." Yesterday it was 65 degrees in Louisville. This morning the wind chill is 18 degrees. How is a gal suppose to dress for these extreme temperature changes? Are you like me and tired of your winter clothing? Ready to get out the spring threads? Not so fast. Now is a good time to think about transitioning your wardrobe.

I remember many years ago when it snowed on Derby Day. Derby is the first Saturday in May for anyone not from this area. Fortunately, I viewed that Derby from my hotel in the Bahamas. The way this winter has been - I'm terrified of a repeat of that Derby forcast - only this time I will be the one at the track in the snow.

There comes a time in late February or early March when I can no longer don the winter coat, sweaters and boots - even if it is 18 degrees outside. My mind knows spring is around the corner and I'm ready to celebrate that with what I wear. When transitioning from winter to spring or in my case - day to day - there are three things I keep in mind:

1. Color
2. Texture
3. Fabric Weight

Color is one of the easiest ways to transition. Color can kick the winter blues out the door. You don't have to use color just in your clothing - you can take your winter blacks and browns and brighten them up with colorful accessories and scarves. Keeping your spring colors closer to your face will brighten up your look and your attitude. Pop a dull outfit with a fun, colorful handbag or shoes. A great pair of sunglasses can make you feel like your soaking in the island sun.

When it is cold outside but I want to think spring I have to be practical. This is when I pack away the black tights for gray tights or another lighter color. Black is slimming, versatile, and very elegant in the evening but women need to break out of the black hole. There are plenty of fun tights available in many different textures that can not only provide warmth but a lot of style

I'm a very tactile person and love the feel of fabrics. How clothing feels on my body is very important to me so when I find a perfect basic that not only looks great but feels great - I'll purchase several. I own three wool sweaters - all the same style - just different colors. The sweaters are 100% wool but a very fine, soft, smooth wool. I own a black and aubergine color - great for fall and winter and I own a rose color - perfect for transitioning to spring.

Here are a few other perfect transition pieces:
* cardigan sweaters in different colors, weights and textures.
* blazers - especially piped jackets (piping consist of white or black outlines - very stylish)
* trenchcoat - look for one with a zip out lining - a trench is a timeless look
* dresses - add leggings or straight leg pants on colder days.
* jeans - perfect all year long.

It's time for me to take this cold morning and warm it up with something fun. I hope you do the same.

Have a magical day