Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Swap Parties

Just yesterday I was asked to facilitate a swap party. For those of who who have never heard of a swap party, it consist of women gathering together in hopes of filling in thier wardrobes by trading clothes. Swap parties are the next big thing in the height of fashionista's living in the land of "On a Budget." It also has overtones of recycling so women feel "green" with pride being earth friendly. Personally it sounds like a lot more fun than Bunco - which is just an excuse for women to get together to eat, talk, and possibly go home with a present. In a swap party you can eat, drink, and go home with some new threads.

Swapping clothing would be a natural extension for women who are already masters of exchanging recipes, phone numbers, babysitters, music, and magazines. All women change sizes or get tired of clothing. Swap parties help to update or freshen your wardrobe in a fun, relaxed, atmosphere. No high pressure sales in swapping.

After listening to President Obama's speech, I agree that we are all called to serve and sacrifice. It is my responsibility to teach others how to buy less, wear it more, and practice focused shopping. This can be accomplished in the form of a swap party. (I learned from my mother to add the word "party" after everything. She was famous for painting parties, clean out the woods parties, and do the dishes parties. Life is short - make it a party.)

I see swap parties becoming the chicest party in town. Contact me if you would like more information.

Party On!