Saturday, January 16, 2010

Effortless Dressing

Effortless Dressing with 2010 Spring Trends

In Style Magazine recently polled its readers to find out what they wanted to change about wardrobes in 2010. Surprisingly only 14% said they wanted a trendier wardrobe but over half of those polled – 53% - wanted a more classic wardrobe.

Each season we wait in anticipation of what the new trends will be. I am often asked to speak on television and radio about the new trends of each season. Most of us want to look updated and trendy yet the styles seem to only work for the young, thin, fit, leggy, 20 something female. Here are a few of the 2010 spring trends and how you can fit them into your wardrobe.

1. Boyfriend Blazer. This got its name because it is to look like a blazer your boyfriend let you borrow. The trick with the oversized blazer is to push up the sleeves. This gives it the look that the sleeves would otherwise be too long at the same time showing off the skinny part of your arm which makes you appear thinner.

2. Full Short Skirts. The skirts this spring are short and full. If you don’t have the legs for them you could stick with pants or go for a little longer fun skirt. Jana Kos has a variety of skirts that have the “wow” factor – a detail that makes it a must have. Skirts are always a favorite in warmer weather. Dress them up or down depending on your lifestyle and occasion.

3. High Dress Slits. We have seen the high slits on the red carpet but they are now available as everyday dresses. Jana’s lux twill, wrinkle free, dress can be zipped up or down to your liking. The zipper is its own jewelry and creates a vertical line that makes your entire body look longer and leaner.

4. Jeans. Denim is the fabric for the season. The younger set will be seen with ripped/slashed jeans. A nice boot cut jean will make your hips look smaller and give you a youthful feel without the rips. Jeans with patches are a micro trend and are not suggested for an office setting.

5. Acrylic Necklaces. Won’t clash with an outfit so you can wear them with anything. Keep necklaces to scale with your bone structure.

Other trends for spring that I do not recommend for most are the hot pants, boy shorts and briefs. It seems that underwear is now considered outerwear. Underwear got the name for a reason, it’s best to keep them “under”. Sheer and see through fabrics will also be seen- keep it appropriate and you’ll always be in style.

I had the honor to host a cocktail party at my home for New York designer, Jana Kos. Below are some of the pictures of the event. I am so grateful to be part of her amazing organization. Check out her fabulous designs at

Lisa Scherer. Jana Kos

Jana Kos, Scooter Ray