Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion Feng Shui

In March I became the first person in Kentucky to be certified in Fashion Feng Shui. Evana Maggiore is the creator of Fashion Feng Shui and held this training in her beautiful Florida home. It is a holistic approach to personal style - dressing your body, mind, and spirit. A FFS workshop can guide you to a deeper understanding of your personal energies and teach you how to dress to honor your wholeness.

In a Fashion Feng Shui workshop you discover how to dress your Essence, Intention, and Appearance. Dressing your Essence means dressing the authentic person. Self-confidence requires authenticity. If your lifestyle is not honoring your Essence, you will doubt yourself. Your outer world needs to align with your inner being, then you project your authentic self to others. Dress who you are – inside and out.

Secondly, you learn how to dress your Intention. This means you dress the part you desire to play. Do you want more fun in your life, more money, different relationships? As Evana states in her book Fashion Feng Shui – The Power of Dressing with Intention, “You already are what you think you can be. You need only to Identify your Ideal Self and visually affirm it in your appearance in order to create it in your life”.

Third is dressing your Appearance or dressing your body. This is dressing to look your best. Communicating your personal style with confidence.

Lean how to make everything in your life flatter you. Clothes are your tools for transformation. It is very powerful.

I will be having a Fashion Feng Shui workshop on Sunday, July 25. For more information call me at 502.939.6000.

Here’s to your Transformation!