Friday, January 22, 2010

Effortless Dressing for The Derby Princess

It is time to start thinking Derby. Prior to that first Saturday in May a different sort of race begins; the race to find the perfect hat and dress for Oaks and Derby. There is a select group of young ladies who do not have to fret about what to wear or even where to park. They are known as Derby Princesses.

Five college students have been selected to represent the state of Kentucky in over 70 events leading up to Derby Day. Their wardrobe is donated to them by various stores, including Collections from Jana Kos Style Partners.

2010 Derby Princess Court wearing Jana Kos dresses

Having a
wardrobe given to you is the ultimate in "effortless dressing". Energetic Fillie, Patsy Allen, oversees the girls during their activities. Patsy will tell them which outfit to wear, the shoes to wear, and what time they will be picked up. I've even seen Patsy doing their makeup. "Princess" is an appropriate title.

If you have not been fortunate enough to have a wardrobe given to you, consider hiring an Image Consultant to assist you in getting to a point where
getting dressed is effortless. Nothing is worse than looking in your closet with a frown thinking "what will I wear?" I can help you open your closet and with smile seeing all the possibilities of what you will wear!

Having a workable wardrobe is a sure bet for effortless dressing.

Congratulations to the Derby Princess Court and best of luck to Patsy.