Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cost Per Wear

Yesterday I was explaining how important it is to purchase quality clothing especially during touch economic times. Here is another reason - it's called Cost Per Wear.

Lets say we purchase a $90 pair of nice wool gabardine pants. We wear those pants once a week for 9 months. That is 36 wears per year. The pants last 3 years so we wore them 108 times. If you divide the cost with the amount of times we wore the pants you could say the pants had a .83 cent cost per wear.

If we purchase a pair of $20 bargain pants - what I call disposable clothing - made of a cheap synthetic and we wear them only 6 times and they loose their shape and begin to pill - our bargain pants come to a $3.34 cost per wear. Now which one is the real bargain?

If you are shopping today, take a good look at the quality of the item you are purchasing. That will help you decide if it is a true bargain. Right now so many stores are having good sales. If you normally don't shop in higher end stores you might want to stop and see how low they have marked their high end clothing. If those $90 wool gabardine pants have been marked down to $50 or $60 - you've really got a bargain. Go out shopping with confidence that you are a smart shopper and enjoy those new items. Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When the Hemline Drops - Find Investments at the Shops

We know we are experiencing tough economic times - we hear it on the news, see it in the papers and feel it in our pocketbooks. You can also tell by our hemlines. When the economy is struggling the hemlines go down and the waistlines go up. I can live with that - but I won't live without updating my fall 08 wardrobe. Here are a few tips from Doncaster wardrobe specialists on how to make your dollar stretch when it comes to adding on fall 08 pieces.
1. You need an investment attitude. If you purchase anything make sure it is classic and durable apparel that will last more than one season. I always stress to avoid purchasing disposable clothing - those outfits that loose shape and begin to pill after 6 wears. That is even more important now.
2. Get as much newness for your dollar as you can. If you have to go trendy maybe it should be in your shoes and handbags.
3. Stick with your favorite brands, no matter what they cost but buy less frequently.

I love purchasing and wearing fall clothing. Maybe we won't shop till we drop but we can let the hemline drop while we shop. I can live with that. Enjoy shopping.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Top 10 Pant Rules

I think I would rather try on bathing suits than try to find a pair of pants that fit my rectangle figure. If you find yourself with the same challenges try these tips:
1. Pants too tight are not flattering and make you appear heavier than you are. Pants that are too full can make a figure appear larger. Check the fit.
2. Straight leg pants are usually in style and are flattering on most figures. If you are taller than 5'7" it is easier to wear the flared and tapered pants as they come and go in fashion.
3. As much as I loved the 50's I didn't love how they wore their pants - very narrow below the thigh with the waist nipped in tight. Even you skinny gals will look large in overly tapered pants.
4. Wear a style that is similar to the current fashion. Pants scream out when you are dated looking.
5. When hemming pants, a little too long is more attractive than a little too short. When in doubt - stay long.
6. If you are short or have short legs avoid a cuff. If you have very long legs and cuffs are in style it will bring balance to your long figure.
7. Tapered pants make the feet look larger. Straight leg or slightly fuller pants shorten the feet.
8. If you have a fuller derriere like Beyonce - avoid bell bottom pants - unless you want it to look larger.
9. Be sure to look at your back side. Do you have panty lines? If so - get rid of them. If you are not into thongs (like me) go for seamless boy shorts. Spanx are a good option especially if you need to tuck in your tummy a bit more.
10. If pants aren't your thing - there are so many cute skirts available. If you need or want to stick with skirts be sure to check your legs if you're going bare. Of course skirt tips would be another 10 tips.

Katherine Hepburn said " I like to move fast, and wearing high heels was tough, and low heels with a skirt is unattractive. So pants took over".

A well fitted pair of pants showcases a woman's finest curves, makes her legs look long and elegant and hides those spider veins and saggy knees. Take your time and find the style pant that is perfect for you. Then go out and enjoy!